Exporting Time Clock Hours to Payroll

The following steps will allow you to export time clock hours from TimeWorks Plus to your timesheet in payroll. Please make sure to perform these steps in order to ensure the pay period has been closed appropriately for processing.

Step 1: Finalize Pay Period in Time Clock

Go to the left-side Maintenance Menu and select “Finalize Pay Period” 

Make sure to check off the proper period(s) you are finalizing. Review any NOTICE messages to ensure Time off Requests and Missing punches have been processed prior to finalization. 

Click the “ Finalize” button and proceed to next steps

Step 2: Download Hours to File on your PC or Mac

Next, go to Reports and click on “Download Activity Files

Make sure that the pay period selected for finalization in Step 1 has been selected.

Ensure proper employees have been included, then type “ SUM3” into the File format name box.

Click “ Submit”. A file called “payroll.txt” will be downloaded to your PC or Mac.

IMPORTANT: This filename CANNOT contain any spaces, or the import will fail in payroll.

Step 3: Import Hours to Timesheet in Payroll

Log into the payroll system here: Payroll Manager Login

Go to “ Time Sheet Entry” under the My Favorites menu OR search in the bar at the top right

Select your pay period’s time sheet by clicking on corresponding Payroll # 

In the upper-right corner, click on the icon that has the up arrow.

Click Start Import at bottom left corner

Next, click Choose File and browse to the location you saved the payroll.txt file from Step2. Then click Submit and wait for the system to process the upload. 

Once Successful, you can click Close

Next, click on Review in bottom right corner once you verify there are no Error Report messages

Then, click on “ Post Data to Time Sheets” once you’re reviewed the data

Select OK at the top of the screen. Once you are in your time sheet, you can make any corrections. Once finished, select “Finalize” at the bottom of your screen to submit hours for processing.

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