TimeWorks Touch Biometrics

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Fingerprint Registration

Changes have been made to the enrollment process. TimeWorksTouch now tells a manager if an employee already has an enrolled print. Also, a more instructive feedback and scoring system has been added to the registration and clock entry process.

If the employee already has a print enrolled, it will be indicated underneath their name after selection. Employees can only have one print enrolled on TimeWorksTouch. If you see this message, you can select  NEVERMIND to keep the print and return to the clock entry screen. If you would like to replace the enrolled print, just click CONTINUE.

If an employee already has a fingerprint enrolled, it will be indicated on the selection screen

Also, during the registration process, after each scan, the screen displays an image of the fingerprint with a score indicating the quality of the scan. The clock needs at least one scan with a score of 70 or higher for a successful registration. Images of the print scan are also displayed on the screen so the employee can improve the finger's position and pressure.

After each scan, the quality is indicated with a Print Score

Once three scans are completed, if the employee has at least one scan of 70 or higher, the clock stores the landmarks from the highest scored fingerprint. In this case, the screen will be green and you have the option to  ADD ANOTHER employee fingerprint or return to the clock entry screen by selecting DONE.

A successful registration where a scan with a Print Score of 70 or higher was registered

If no fingerprint scan scored at least a 70, the screen will be red, and you should select  TRY AGAIN to attempt once more, perhaps with a different finger that may have a more defined print.

An unsuccessful registration where no scan was scored 70 or higher

Print with PIN as Backup

TimeWorksTouch can be set to accept either a PIN or fingerprint as a sign in method.  However,  Print with PIN as Backup now lets an employee use a PIN if their print scan fails two times.

This functionality requires a PIN be added to the  Logins / Numbers field in Employee Setup. 

A PIN in Employee Setup is required for the Print with PIN as Backup option

Users with accountant or client-level credentials can enable Print with PIN as Backup by:

  1. From the clock entry screen, tap the Settings icon at the top right of the screen. It’s identified with a gear icon.

  1. Log in with your timekeeping login and password.
  2. Select the CLOCK SETTINGS tab.
  3. Enable Enforce Biometric Scan w/ PIN Backup. This option disables the PIN and Biometric Scan options.

  1. Tap the X button to exit the settings and return to the clock entry screen.

Now, if an employee's print fails to be read after two attempts, the employee can enter their PIN as an alternative. This will be indicated on the timecard by a print with a slash through it.

A print with a slash through it indicates the employee used their PIN instead of a print to punch the clock

Trusted PINs

A Trusted PIN allows select employees to clock in without scanning their fingerprint at all. It appears as a button on the clock entry screen and allows the employee to bypass the fingerprint scan entirely. 

Before you can assign Trusted PINs to employees, it must be enabled for the site using your accountant-level login.

To enable Trusted PINs for a site:

  1. On the TimeWorksTouch CLOCK SETTINGS tab, enable Enforce Biometric w/ PIN backup.
  2. In TimeWorksPlus, select Processing Rules from the Settings Menu.
  3. Choose the Additional user fields category.

  1. From the list of search results, choose TwtTrustedPin.

  1. On the resulting page, click Save to activate the field.

There will now be a  TwtTrustedPin field in the Identity section of the Employee Setup record.

The TwtTrustedPin field applies only to TimeWorksTouch and allows an employee to use a PIN in place of their print

Any employee with that field set to "YES" will be able to use a PIN, entered in their  Logins / Numbers field, on the TimeWorksTouch clock.

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