Proximity Card Enrollment

This guide covers how to link a proximity card to an employee.  You should make sure to enter card information directly into the payroll system.  The time clock system will automatically pick-up any profile changes made in payroll.

1. Flip over to the back of the card and look for the first set of numbers as outlined in the screenshot below.  Ignore leading zeroes.

2.  Within the payroll system, go to Employee Details -> Work tab then edit the Employee Number field.  Be sure to enter the first group of numbers excluding any leading zeroes.  

Important Note: If reusing a terminated employee's card, make sure to first REMOVE the former employee's card number before adding to the new employee.

3.  Once the interface runs within the hour, you will see that the card number has transferred automatically to the employee's time clock record.  The below screenshot is from Employee Setup.

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