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Login Usernames and Passwords

Please review username formats and assign a default password (if not already assigned.)  Click Edit to assign a new password.  

If you'd like us to populate a default password for all employees to avoid having to setup these manually, please have your authorized worksite manager e-mail with your desired format.  Going forward, all new hires will start receiving Welcome e-mails with a link to the mobile app download (iOS and Android supported.)

You're all set!  You can now instruct employees to download the Mobile app and login as shown below.

Get the Mobile App (iPhone and Android compatible)

Employees can get TimeWorksPlus Employee from either the App Store or Google Play. When they search for it, they may also find our old app, called  TimeWorksPlus.  

TimeWorksPlus Employee has an improved experience in terms of interface and functionality. 

This is the app employees should use. However, managers and supervisors should continue using  TimeWorksPlus Mobile for management tasks.

The latest version of the mobile app is listed as "TimeWorksPlus Employee"


Once employees download the app, they can use their timekeeping credentials to log in.  This information is e-mailed upon hire or creation in the time clock system.


TimeWorksPlus Employee provides much of the same functionality your employees get in the Employee Portal (formerly called ESS). 

 At minimum, the employee will have the rights to:

  • View their time card.
  • View their personal information and edit phone and email.
  • View company messages, either through the Employee Bulletins feature in TimeWorksPlus

They may also have access to the following features, depending on the account.

The mobile app includes a compact view of the time card.

Mobile Punch

Employees can clock in and out via the mobile app if permission has been granted within Employee Setup by a manager. For any employee with the feature enabled, the clock appears in the  TIME CLOCK tab on their mobile dashboard. 

If they do not have mobile punch enabled, they will just see MY DASHBOARD, which contains company messages, hours worked in the pay period, and other items.

Request Time Off

Employees can submit a request for time off through the mobile app. This triggers an email to their supervisor, who can approve, deny or modify their request in the desktop application.

And if you're using our accruals feature to track paid leave, employees will also see their available balance when requesting time off.  This may not be available for all customers due to the nature of PTO configuration.

Approve Time Card

The Time Card Approval feature provides a method for employees to indicate that the hours on their time card are accurate.

On the mobile app time card, this can be done day-by-day or in bulk for an entire pay period.

Manage Schedule

The mobile app Schedule tab displays upcoming shifts while also showing time off—both approved requests and those pending approval.

Additionally, employees of those sites integrated with TimeSimplicity will be able to view additional shift details (i.e. Workgroup, Position, additional Schedule Levels) by tapping the shift.

The schedule detail page also has an option for the employee to drop the shift. When that happens, eligible employees can be notified, through the app, that an open shift is available and pick it up on the Open Shifts tab.

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