Reprint Payroll Batch Checks (Individual)

In order to reprint a paycheck for an employee who was processed in a normal payroll batch, we have to go into the individuals' Employee Details first:  (1) Search for EMPLOYEE DETAILS in the search bar and (2) select the application. 

Once in Employee Details, (1) search for the employee by clicking the Employee link, then (2) select the appropriate employee from the list.

Now that the employee record is selected, we can locate and reprint their paycheck. 

Navigate to the top right of the Employee Details screen and (1) click on the Action Bar, which will drop down a list of options. (2) Select the Payroll Vouchers option to bring up individual vouchers for that employee.

Choose the check based on the Pay Date that needs to be reprinted.

Once inside the individual voucher detail, (1) navigate to the Banking tab, and (2) click the Reprint Check Stubs link to reprint the check for that voucher.

***Note*** If an employee did not go through the standard payroll process for a given pay period or the payroll was run before in this update system, a check file may not be available for that pay period, and you will receive a notification when trying to reprint that stub, as seen below.

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