CARES Act Reporting for Paycheck Protection Program

This article is intended to provide information on how to run the Informer CARES Act Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Report. This report is useful in the completion of the PPP loan documentation.

First, login to Payroll through the Manager login page here:   

(Alternatively, you can login to the Reports portal here:  - skip down to the Reports Listing screenshot )

Next, start typing "Informer (Ad Hoc Reporting)" in the top search bar.  Wait for the result to appear, then click on the Application Suggestion as shown below or press Enter.

A new window will open up for the Informer reporting system.  

You can type "Cares" or "SBA" to bring up the report titled  SBA CARES Act Reporting.  Click the Launch link.

  1. For the Runtime Parameters section, enter in the range of pay dates needed for the Summary data.  
  2. Click Launch Report.

Go to the upper-right corner and click the Export Results link once your data displays in the grid below.
If you wish to export to Excel, click on the first list entry labeled "Excel Comma-Separated Values (.csv)" otherwise select any other desired format.

Next, click the Export button.  Your browser will then download the file in the format you have selected in the previous step.

What's Included?

This report will contain some of the data related to the Paycheck Protection Program's required information, such as:

  • Gross Wages (NOTE: This Column excludes Expense Reimbursement and Fringe Payments).
  • Benefits column includes Medical, Dental & Vision amounts, which are the total of the Premium minus the Employee Contributions.
  • Retirement column includes Retirement Matching Contributions, Safe Harbor 1 and Safe Harbor 2 amounts.
  • ER Taxes columns includes Employer Taxes, excluding Social Security and Medicare Taxes.
  • Total column is the combined amount of Gross Wages, Benefits, Retirement Match and Employer Taxes
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