Payroll Allocation Report

The Payroll Allocation Report provides data related to Pay Code, Deduction and Tax data per Location, Department, or Division.

Report Parameters

The required parameters for this report are marked in red outline.

  1. Enter a Date Range checkbox - if you will be running a summary across multiple periods, please make sure to check this box
  2. Start Date and End Date - this is the date range for all pay dates (must select the checkbox to the left first)
  3. Primary Sort - for most companies, you will want to select "Allocate/Sort by Location" unless you wish to see more detailed reporting by Department, Division, Job Code, etc.
  4. Other Parameters - these are miscellaneous selections that can be made based on the type of data you are looking for - you can keep the default selections in most cases

Finally, click "Run" to produce the report's output based on your criteria.

The last page of the report will show the Grand Totals for every pay, deduction and tax code.

Output Type

  1. Convert to PDF - this will produce a print-friendly version of your document as a PDF file which can be saved to your PC or Mac.
  2. XLS - this will download an Excel-formatted spreadsheet

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